Name: Colin Yang

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #10

Lab Overview Section #1


What data is attached to each clone? That is, what is changed on each clone that allows for the rabbits and foxes to appear/disappear?

There is a command called change volume and set volume that affects the the rabbits and foxes' abilities to create and delete clones.

Are the simulation results the same each time? Why or why not?

No the simulation results are not the same because it chooses a random number everytime.

Lab Overview Section #2 Problem #1

This lab asked us to make a program that is based on the 1984 movie Gremlins, where the gremlin would make clones of it self when it makes contact with water.

My Solution

My solution included a sprite that would go to x: mouse x and y:-140 so that the sprite would follow the mouse. Then it wold change the size of the sprite by -1 (to make it shrink) and create a clone of itself that would bounce around when it touches the watermelon sprite. The cloud sprite would forever move 5 steps and if touching edge, it would bounce off the screen. For the watermelon sprite, if the green flag is clicked, it would forever go to the cloud and create a clone of itself every 0.4 secondds. When it starts as a clone, it would change the y value by -10 and if it touches the edge, it would change the cloud variable by 1 and delete the clone. In addition, if it touches the main spirte, it would delete itself. To stimulate a game, if the variable cloud is equal to 10, then the program would end.

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